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Geeonx - Create interfaces!


The Geeonx shared library and GeeonxCreator are developed and tested on Ubuntu Linux 64 bit, Windows 10 and regarding Mac on Mac OS X 10.6.8 Snow Leopard and macOS 10.15.1 Catalina.

Download a quick guide to Geeonx programming and GeeonxCreator.

Complete package including GeeonxCreator, Library and GeeonxDemo:

Get installer for Windows 10 64 bit. Just run installer.

Get 64 bit deb package. Use Softwarecenter or GDebi for GUI installation. You can also use commandline: apt-get install ./geeonx_creator_amd64.deb

Get zip for macOS x86 64 bit for Snow Leopard or higher. Just move some files and give allowance via system preferences.

Install on Windows 10:

Start installation.

After opening of GeeonxCreatorSetup.exe it is necessary to allow the installation.

Please agree to the EULA and continue.

Follow the installation process until finished. After clicking Finish-button GeeonxDemo will be started.

Install on Debian based Linux:

Download and open with Software Center (here: German Anwendungsinstallation).

Click install for full installation (here: German Installieren).

Install on macOS with Gatekeeper:

After download and extraction you have all the files before you. Copy or move all all frameworks folders to the Library/Frameworks/ folder in the root directory.

In case of newer macOS versions like macOS Catalina: For compiling create a folder 'SDL2' in SDL2.framework/Headers and copy the header files SDL.h, begin_code.h and close_code.h into the new folder.

Allow file action with your admmin password.

For Catalina and other versions with gatekeeper: Open terminal and type: sudo spctl --master-disable - Now the option to allow software install outside the appstore is available again. If you like hide the function later on type sudo spctl --master-enable.

Go to preferences menu and choose Security and Privacy.

Allow apps from anywhere.

Open geeonx_demo by double clicking and allow executing.

Enjoy geeonx_demo.